A Letter to Myself

Keep the pen going, keep the pen flowing, keep your mind growing, keep on showing yourself and others. What’s going on inside my mind…..The only way to get it out is to write…it down cause I forget all the time. This is my life and I like writing, I just haven’t been practicing; for the time being, I look forward; in the end I’m still working; helping others find their potential, their purpose, something that makes their life “worth it.” Digging deep down and searching for that inner treasure to share with the world, and being a blessing. Expose your inner self by writing. Let the light shine on the darkness. The shadows that block the harvest. Fill up the page with anything that you think. Whatever comes to mind;  It will help you realize that theres more to life. Don’t let yourself crumble up the paper; it gets greater later, quit hesitating add some flavor to the ingredients of life. Writing will open your eyes to find to find whatevers trapped inside. There is power in the pen, utilized right you will win! It’s time to take off the disguise and quit depriving yourself. It will all come together in the end. You’ll see that writing is an extension of yourself.



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