Life of an Addict

Imagine day after day, exhaling clouds of smoke. Your ears ring and you feel a tingling sensation throughout your body. You feel on top of the world, like there is no care or worry. And just as soon as the feeling came, it is gone. Shadowed by the choice you have made is your joy. Exposed and under a microscope is your shame. This is just one of the many phases and forms of addiction you’ll be to and from. As you lie on your bed your heart beats so fast and hard that it shakes the bed. Dense decisions deprive you of your peace. No words of encouragement can soothe your aching soul. Around your loved ones you feel alone. Each day is a burden, negative thoughts fill your mind and overflow to show your mental condition, ready to burst if anyone says you’re wrong, even if they’re right. Out on the streets the fiends chase their piece of temporary pleasure. At this moment, the world is offering its cure for its curse. The devil grins, he wants to see you at your worst, then eventually in the dirt.



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