This is what CERN is searching for, the glue of the human body, it’s what holds us together.
Cell adhesion molecule
Protein molecule


Romans 8:2 (AMP) “..the law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus, the law of my new being, has freed me from the law of sin and death.”

This is one of my poemz………

Life of an addict: 2 hurt is my purpose I’m blinded by pleasure, I’m constantly searchin…. The flick of a Bic lighter gives a flash of satisfaction but when I don’t have one I use matches; same cycle round and round we go; let’s go again I aint learned yet I don’t care I feel worthless; I’m adddicted at it again this siccness gots me wishing I never existed; I’m a patient I’m a physician patiently waitin 4 my prescription; another blast from this rig, pipe, drank, line, pill, or syringe; it’s all the same thang…..LIFE OF AN ADDICT…..


Molested and left 4 dead!
Molested and left 4 dead!

I’m wishing I would have killed the fake family friend that fucked with my head and lead me to some sick state of mind, now I find myself aggravated, frustrated and in pain. Am I the
one and only person 2 blame? Am I the one and only person that hates the gay shit that was did by another man, a family friend when I was a kid! Yesterday I had 2 pray and make way out of the violent stills in my brain and forgive. If not I’ll be caught up in the mental penitentiary thinking sKitzofranically with a K for kill em Relentlessly Repentless Vengeance!


Reflections 2

Life & Peace 4 Me!



Mental Penitentiary thinkin skitzophranically trippin on almost anything the enemy befriended me caught up in the world and its wicked ways gettin paid for the wages of sin is death! It’s time to repent & leave this hell my conscience condemning spendin all this time feastin on this bread of wickedness malnutrition sippin this wine of violence this path is established in ignorance a waste of time no true peace just t the pleasures temporary self inflicted wounds with these weapons my head is goin 2 burst internal damage is done!


Digital Identity

Outer Limits Radio Show

Scrapbook of the Planetary Overmind

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