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What is a Game?


To me a game is a fun way to interact and complete goals, objectives, solve a problem.

A fun way to execute a set of instructions; explore.

The following is from an article(s) I read for research:

Games are a universal part of human experience and present in all cultures.

Some games are considered to be work,

In the game Super Mario Brothers, is it a game because of the tension and drama created by the possibility of running into an enemy? Is it a game because the player can collect coins and perform other actions that add up to a high score? Is it a game because the player must traverse levels that challenge both their dexterity and creative problem solving abilities?

Game designers are often the originator of the game’s concept. Depending upon the project, company, or production style, your responsibilities may include creating the core gameplay elements, writing a game’s story and/or dialogue, specializing in a single aspect of game design, or supervising the entire game project.

Interactive Entertainment

In the German language a game is any activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purpose. In this definition every activity that brings pleasure is a game. For example, people dance, play musical instruments, act in plays, and play with dolls and model trains.

This definition people (who I don’t know) use today comes from the works of Johan Huizinga (Homo Ludens, 1938) and Friedrich Georg Jünger (Die Spiele, 1959). But there are more ways to define games. Manfred Eigen’s and Ruthild Winkler’s definition for game goes beyond the definition used by Huizinga. They see a game as a natural phenomenon: half necessity and half coincidence (Das Spiel, 1975). Their definition of games comes closer to Adornos’ definition, who set himself apart from Huizinga by identifying games as an art form.


What are Game Mechanix?

The parts/elements combined to make a system work.



Article Research:

Establish fundamental skills in game theory, pre-production techniques, and storytelling. Engage with basic visual design principles, level design, and coding.Shift from theoretical to practical with hands-on work on detailed design documentation and front-end interfaces. Concentrate fully on the game production cycle. Conceive, plan, and execute a final project that delivers a rewarding interactive experience.

Ways to make class a game:


Gift certificates could be given for  monthly attendance and participation.


Ability Advancement/Development:


When you attend class your health and overall abilities increase, such as teleportation distances, response/reaction times, upgrades, social status, gear/tools. You level up every time you attend and participate in class and when you do homework.


Level Up or Not– our skills and abilities to respond/react to circumstances accordingly with wisdom.

Playerz perish for lack of knowledge. Playerz perish for not understanding/processing the information/knowledge. Playerz perish for not applying what they understand. If you’re not in school you self destruct! Your ability to conceive ideas diminishes. Education is Sustenance. 

Course syllabus  defines the objectives of the “game”, which is always subject to change….


Possible Board Game Design Ideas


Name- Tribal Warfare- Educational

My basic concept is a Story Telling Game . Don’t know if it will have a candy land look or spaces. As you tell the story you must figure out where and when you are by the board(s) dials, which will consist of
plants, months and stars……drives engagement with your players by turning your players into vocal advocates. The idea is to have players sit and listen attentively.



Theme: Educational: Survival; History-  you learn as you play.

Mechanic: The game must start with a Storyteller. The designated storyteller picks up a card (that has an image on the front and a story on the back) and shows the image. Then once everyone has had an opportunity to view the image the story is read.   


Player pieces-

Cards with images, storys and questions to answer- explaining

Adjustable/spinnable  board

Game Idea #2

Board Template

Learn about the Flathead Lake and the Native history surrounding it.

First to make it all the way around the lake wins!

Use a map of the Flathead or create a board and travel around the lake learning about history. Conduct the necessary research, and then create the landmarks, cards with images on the front and stories on the back.

How can we utilize perception, memory, problem solving and decision making while  developing, intelligence and motivating the player while we educate at the same time?


Stop and Play a hand of Poker(5 card draw)  and learn about the location and history that’s taken place there.



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